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It doesn't necessarily end up being a place that I use a lot. The communities here aren't very active and I tend to get all of my social media stuff spread across twitter tumblr and instagram. between those three, linking to each other and having some separate circles in each, I think I've figured out how much social media I want to use.
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I have plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans

the one thing I never get tired of is boston creme pie. I love it. I looooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee it

if I would make a ridiculous collage of pictures and hearts about anything, it would probably be about boston creme pie

normally jade and I can eat a whole one in a couple of days and its delicious and amazing. but I like to bake for the sunday morning poop crew/shelter group.

so clearly the answer is to make two

tomorrow: baking day

I did it

Jul. 30th, 2016 10:21 pm
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I finished the episode and stayed up a full hour past my normal sleep time

I'm so proud of myself
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and I'm not sure I'm succeeding

I mean. I slept in this morning, I woke up at 6:30 and I didn't even get out of bed until 7.

I just need to finish this episode. like there's only 15 minutes left I can stay awake for 15 more minutes

Work trip

Jul. 24th, 2016 07:08 am
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maybe I'll get some writing done? I've found airports are weirdly good for writing in. I once wrote a whole fic in an airport once. It was only 1000 words or something but it was good.

I'm going to take my writing notebook and possibly a crochet project with me

gotta be prepared
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so now I'm watching something about natural parks which is pretty cool

to be fair, tv is more of a background noise that I can occasionally pay attention to so this is pretty great because now I get to look and see bears and flowers and trees and cool views
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only a little bit.

it's definitely made me care about all the random towns and farms I drive to for work. or at least think about them as something other than "now I have to slow down to 25, great I'm through town now I can go 60 again". I'm learning shit about towns that wouldn't have known otherwise. like how some have incredibly ugly statues. or history things. Or random things that people decided should be points in ingress.

it also shows just how many frickin churches there are in small town/rural delmarva like what the frick
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A thing I got from tumblr, which is to post six sentences of current writing project. This is the magic and farming thing I came up with recently. Currently I'm handwriting it all but I might start typing it up since I've got a bunch of pages written. I'm having some tense changing issues which are definitely present. I'm just trying to whip out a first draft, doing a lot of concept work as I go and I'll fix shit later.

Starts under the cut

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Coming to you with another garden update! It's been two weeks since I posted the last one (yes I checked) and holy shit has the garden exploded since then. I think the weather has been hot and humid interspersed with cooler days with rain so its been giving the plants both hot weather but enough cool that they're not dying.

The last month has been busier with work but I think I've found what works for me by building the irrigation system and using it on a frequent basis. I probably should water a little less actually but things aren't drowning so its all good. Overall I've been keeping up well with the garden since I mulched almost all of the garden and I have the irrigation system, even when work was busy and I didn't really get out into the garden except on the weekend.

I've started picking things which is SUPER DUPER EXCITING. I've gotten three zucchini off the same plant which ended up being around nine cups of puree and I'm making more zucchini muffins tonight and I'll freeze the extras. I pulled the first cucumber last night and I'll get two more tomorrow. The cilantro yielded a whole bunch that I froze and I'm letting the rest go to seed for coriander. The corn is in tassel now and I should have ears in two weeks or so. The tomatoes have finally started ripening!

The basil has taken off but I want to make a whole lot of pesto so I planted some more, some in the garden and some in pots. I think I've finally figured out that the rosemary is drowning and I need to find some rocks for better drainage in their pots. And probably plant more. I'm not sure where I'm going to get rocks because the area has basically no rocks which is still bizarre.

Today I ordered the plants for the fall garden, things that will go in when the plants there start dying and things cool down. I've got peas, carrots, cauliflower, emmer wheat, celery and winter rye. The rye is going to be a cover crop, something that both organic farmers everywhere and conventional farmers on the delmarva do. The emmer wheat is going to be an experiment. Its an older grain, with a different structure, so I might be able to eat it. If not it'll just get used as a cover crop and just as something to grow over winter.

I've also got an instagram where I post a lot of these pictures and some others: @soreshorescout

So pictures below the cut.

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that I'm actually being sought after as a work candidate. I mean. The events I'm talking about happened in like december but I just put them together and equaled a valuable employee.

So our relatively local company (only does mid-atlantic which is pretty small for a fertilizer company, most others are national) recently teamed up with a startup company to work together to sell organic fertilizer. I was put in charge of it. Not the sales part but all the other parts, so orders, communication, logistics, etc. When I first was introduced to the startup company, my boss' boss wanted to be with me at the first few meetings because he said "they're good at what they do and I don't want you to get poached by them." which ok. I just was a little confused because me???

But later, at one of the conferences I attended with the sales manager from Startup, he said jokingly if he could hire me. I said haha no, but then he actual kind of got serious about it and asked if I'd consider it. I said no and laughed it off but here I am five months later making the connection that I am a valuable worker and smart and I pick things up fast and that's a +10 confidence boost

in conclusion I am bad at figuring these things out lol

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unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me, its gonna be about farming. But also magic. So kind of a modern day magic with farming. idek the idea came together really quickly which usually doesn't happen with my writing. we shall see
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things have been going SUPER DUPER WELL. I've been keeping up with it pretty easily, doing the longer, more complicated things on the days when I get home from work early (rainy days) and weekends. So then during the week, I only need to water and do a little weeding at a time. These got a lot easier last weekend when I built a mini irrigation system that I can turn on and leave run for an hour and I got straw from my dad so I mulched some of the garden.

I've got a ton, a ton of cherry tomatoes coming on, they're green but should ripen soon. I've got a few hot peppers coming along, some zucchini. The bell peppers seem to be having a few issues, whether that's related to the incredibly random weather we've been having lately or just a variety thing, I don't know. I planted more zucchini on sunday and they're just emerging because lbr you can't have enough zucchini. (note: this is a lie). The lima beans are in between the corn and I was planning to have them trellis on the corn but they're too young and the lima beans would pull them over. I have so much cilantro oh my god I didn't mean for that to happen. I planted them in the middle of the three weeks of rain we had in april and may, expecting only a few to survive like everything else I planted then and they were the only thing that liked it and they ALL came up. So if anyone wants cilantro, I will give it to you. Cucumbers are flowering now so I should have fruit soon

To do this weekend, I need to finish weeding the area that isn't mulched, mulch some of it (the herbs are too small and might get covered by the straw if I'm not careful), weed and mulch the flower beds, put up the posts and string the squash net for the jack be littles.

I just put up a simple twine trellis for the lima beans which I exchanged strawberries for. Pictures below

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Normally right now, I'm so busy at work, walking fields and getting shit done that I feel like I'm active and busy and feel relatively good. Working out and walking both usually give me that worked-hard feeling that is sore muscles and accomplishment.

Which has not happened this year. With the weather messing everything up, I'm walking maybe half the fields I normally would and I'm working a lot less hours. Which is awesome, I like that. But I haven't worked out in a while and the field walking I've been doing has just been alright.

So I did a little workout when I got home from work and ugh ugh ugh it was like twenty minutes and I was tired and sore and breathing hard. I feel good now, worked muscles and I'm hungry.

I guess that means I need to workout more, maybe start running again.
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its been like a year or something since I watched it and I forgot how great it is sometimes

and its excellent background noise and I get to look over occasionally and see people doing awesome and/or ridiculous things

besides I think I've got two more seasons on hulu and then there's more airing anyway
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and its on my ankle which is one of the most unhelpful places to be stung. It would have been worse if it was my foot but I've got fields of crops to walk tomorrow and its probably going to be pissy

Its a bit swollen and itchy but overall not bad, just annoying that its swollen and hot. Hopefully it goes down by tomorrow morning before I put on my boots
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They are tiny and delicious

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Work has been ramping up in hours and will be doing more this week since it finally stopped raining or something. I got off at 3:30 today which is actually pretty reasonable.

But also I started playing Stardew Valley and its A+++ the greatest and 100% my jam.

which is why I haven't been around as much on social media. IDEK I'll see how the summer goes
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I do this pretty much every summer when work gets busy: I realize that I'm eating a ton of granola bars and not much else.

The issue is this: in the summer I work (live) out of my work truck. I'm very rarely in the office, my day is completely random I might end up in New Jersey I might be in the Southern Eastern Shore I could spend the whole day walking fields within 30 mins of the house it is a goddamn m y s t e r y, I am physically active for at least 4-5 hours a day, sometimes walking up to 10-12 miles a day. Average is 7

So what I need is food that doesn't need to be microwaved, doesn't need (long term) refrigeration, it's easy to eat in five minutes or less or while driving, and has some actual nutritional value or energy or something (protein or even fruit/veggies). It also needs to be wheat-free because I can't eat that. I'm also trying to cut down on how much chocolate I eat because I've been eating a lot of that lately and my anxiety seems to be doing weird things. I also must emphasize the no microwave or refrigeration and generally the temp in my truck gets high in the summer when it's not running (when I'm in a field). And don't tell me to leave my windows open because generally it doesn't help and if you've ever been to a poultry farm and left your windows open, FLIES SO MANY FLIES

So right now breakfast is a frozen waffle with peanut butter and banana. Sometimes it's just a banana. Then I usually eat two granola bars, a chocolate chip muffin, a cheese sandwich for lunch with chips, and granola bar after lunch. I usually work some carrots and cucumbers in there most days.

I'm hoping you guys can help me with a few ideas? I just need as many ideas as possible so I can pick and choose things I like and try to keep up energy levels

My brainstorming so far has come up with: apple muffins, more carrots and cucumbers, trail mix (not too much though because it gives me heartburn), cashews

I should be able to freeze baked things and bring them out later too so I'll be digging around for some recipes of things. But good portable snacks that are tasty and not chocolate would be nice. This includes tumblr people too, once it crossposts!
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This week was the first week of May, which traditionally is when most of the corn is coming up and I start working ridiculous hours. It's the start of a long long summer working lots of hours and saturdays too.

But this week was not like that. It rained. For a week straight. We're supposed get a little bit more tonight but some areas around here have gotten 2-4 inches of rain in the past week. And it's been 60 degrees.

The corn looks like crap. And I got off work at noon today. Which I'm not complaining about, it's just weird. And I'm probably not working tomorrow either.

My garden isn't faring super well. The seeds I planted last weekend haven't done anything because it's terrible weather, especially for the sweet corn. The four cumin plants I transplanted despise cold wet weather and two of them were eaten by something. I put a chicken wire cage around the last two and seeded some more.

The tomatoes and peppers haven't really grown any more and the peppers honestly look kinda yellow and sad from the cold.

That being said, it's supposed to be in the 70s and with very little rain this coming week so I'm hoping that everything recovers. Including the sad yellow corn out in the fields.
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