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2016-06-30 04:14 pm
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I came to a realization today

that I'm actually being sought after as a work candidate. I mean. The events I'm talking about happened in like december but I just put them together and equaled a valuable employee.

So our relatively local company (only does mid-atlantic which is pretty small for a fertilizer company, most others are national) recently teamed up with a startup company to work together to sell organic fertilizer. I was put in charge of it. Not the sales part but all the other parts, so orders, communication, logistics, etc. When I first was introduced to the startup company, my boss' boss wanted to be with me at the first few meetings because he said "they're good at what they do and I don't want you to get poached by them." which ok. I just was a little confused because me???

But later, at one of the conferences I attended with the sales manager from Startup, he said jokingly if he could hire me. I said haha no, but then he actual kind of got serious about it and asked if I'd consider it. I said no and laughed it off but here I am five months later making the connection that I am a valuable worker and smart and I pick things up fast and that's a +10 confidence boost

in conclusion I am bad at figuring these things out lol