Work trip

Jul. 24th, 2016 07:08 am
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maybe I'll get some writing done? I've found airports are weirdly good for writing in. I once wrote a whole fic in an airport once. It was only 1000 words or something but it was good.

I'm going to take my writing notebook and possibly a crochet project with me

gotta be prepared
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that I'm actually being sought after as a work candidate. I mean. The events I'm talking about happened in like december but I just put them together and equaled a valuable employee.

So our relatively local company (only does mid-atlantic which is pretty small for a fertilizer company, most others are national) recently teamed up with a startup company to work together to sell organic fertilizer. I was put in charge of it. Not the sales part but all the other parts, so orders, communication, logistics, etc. When I first was introduced to the startup company, my boss' boss wanted to be with me at the first few meetings because he said "they're good at what they do and I don't want you to get poached by them." which ok. I just was a little confused because me???

But later, at one of the conferences I attended with the sales manager from Startup, he said jokingly if he could hire me. I said haha no, but then he actual kind of got serious about it and asked if I'd consider it. I said no and laughed it off but here I am five months later making the connection that I am a valuable worker and smart and I pick things up fast and that's a +10 confidence boost

in conclusion I am bad at figuring these things out lol

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I do this pretty much every summer when work gets busy: I realize that I'm eating a ton of granola bars and not much else.

The issue is this: in the summer I work (live) out of my work truck. I'm very rarely in the office, my day is completely random I might end up in New Jersey I might be in the Southern Eastern Shore I could spend the whole day walking fields within 30 mins of the house it is a goddamn m y s t e r y, I am physically active for at least 4-5 hours a day, sometimes walking up to 10-12 miles a day. Average is 7

So what I need is food that doesn't need to be microwaved, doesn't need (long term) refrigeration, it's easy to eat in five minutes or less or while driving, and has some actual nutritional value or energy or something (protein or even fruit/veggies). It also needs to be wheat-free because I can't eat that. I'm also trying to cut down on how much chocolate I eat because I've been eating a lot of that lately and my anxiety seems to be doing weird things. I also must emphasize the no microwave or refrigeration and generally the temp in my truck gets high in the summer when it's not running (when I'm in a field). And don't tell me to leave my windows open because generally it doesn't help and if you've ever been to a poultry farm and left your windows open, FLIES SO MANY FLIES

So right now breakfast is a frozen waffle with peanut butter and banana. Sometimes it's just a banana. Then I usually eat two granola bars, a chocolate chip muffin, a cheese sandwich for lunch with chips, and granola bar after lunch. I usually work some carrots and cucumbers in there most days.

I'm hoping you guys can help me with a few ideas? I just need as many ideas as possible so I can pick and choose things I like and try to keep up energy levels

My brainstorming so far has come up with: apple muffins, more carrots and cucumbers, trail mix (not too much though because it gives me heartburn), cashews

I should be able to freeze baked things and bring them out later too so I'll be digging around for some recipes of things. But good portable snacks that are tasty and not chocolate would be nice. This includes tumblr people too, once it crossposts!
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This week was the first week of May, which traditionally is when most of the corn is coming up and I start working ridiculous hours. It's the start of a long long summer working lots of hours and saturdays too.

But this week was not like that. It rained. For a week straight. We're supposed get a little bit more tonight but some areas around here have gotten 2-4 inches of rain in the past week. And it's been 60 degrees.

The corn looks like crap. And I got off work at noon today. Which I'm not complaining about, it's just weird. And I'm probably not working tomorrow either.

My garden isn't faring super well. The seeds I planted last weekend haven't done anything because it's terrible weather, especially for the sweet corn. The four cumin plants I transplanted despise cold wet weather and two of them were eaten by something. I put a chicken wire cage around the last two and seeded some more.

The tomatoes and peppers haven't really grown any more and the peppers honestly look kinda yellow and sad from the cold.

That being said, it's supposed to be in the 70s and with very little rain this coming week so I'm hoping that everything recovers. Including the sad yellow corn out in the fields.
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So I've got this garden right? 

Well, not really yet.

We moved into the house at the end of February. When we moved in, the garden and yard was a pretty big mess. There were so many leaves, all over the yard, weeds like crazy and the garden plot (a L shaped area that used to be a garden) had been neglected for long enough that there were literal trees growing in it.

I don't know if the pictures will come along when it cross posts to tumblr but there are before and current-ish pictures here



So I did a lot! And it's spring and we should be frost free! Which is exciting! A month or so ago, I got my early seeds started and now I've got six enormous cherry tomato plants along a who bunch of other things. The parsley got planted. Things are being transplanted and planted in two days. 

But now I'm thinking about neeeeext year. Already. I want to get around for next year when I haven't even been through one season of gardening here in maryland, and I haven't had a garden since I was in high school. Especially since I haven't tried gardening and keeping something alive with my work schedule, whiiiich is so many. On that note, I won't be around as much since it's summer! I work a lot of hours! In fact I'm working tomorrow, saturday. So I'm doing probably 50 or 55 hours a week right now and its only going to increase.

So I guess this is a waiting game for me, about me. To see if I can plant and maintain a garden while working so much and such a physical job.

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the roads are stacked on top of each other when you get into atlantic city so the gps is very unhelpful especially with the fucking tunnel and the signage is not good so I ended up driving into the wrong hotel's parking garage. there was signs leading from there to my hotel so idek it's probably common

then the parking garage is pretty shitty and it doesn't have any signs pointing to what direction the hotel is

and it leads to the casino, even when you attempt to not go into the casino

finding the front desk was a nightmare and the desk guy seemed surprised when I asked how he was

and the very worst thing is that they charge for fricking wifi like that is some bullshit

I've got my work mifi but still. 13 bucks for 24 hours is some huge ass bullshit
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The new job stuff can be very stressful and as part of the new job stuff, I'm traveling with partner company to trade shows/conferences. At the trade shows we raise awareness of products, get leads, attempt to sell, etc. And they are exhausting. I got to state college the night before. I was getting over a minor cold but the drive wasn't bad.

The first day of the show was a half day because it started at 12 noon but it ran until 7 so it was just late. Then we had a full day, 7 until 6:30 then dinner out and today which was 7 until 4.

Talking to people is exhausting and trying to smile and appear like I enjoy talking to people is exhausting and keeping up with rapid conversations is exhausting and I just got home from a four hour drive in the dark on half unfamiliar roads.

I am tired but I get to sleep in as much as I want and I'm so excited

of course, I have another one next week in atlantic city so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I'm driving into Philly for a work meeting, so 2.5 hours there, having an all day meeting and then finishing the drive home which will be another 2 hours or so

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but I need to run up to the office because I need to drop the bike keys off, I need to put in receipts that I couldn't find before, and get the lunch I forgot in the fridge. Bad thing to forget when I'll be on vacation for two weeks. I should also grab some materials and make some packets real quick.

I also need to run to the bank
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which was A LOT

so yay!
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now that I have talked to literally everyone at the conference and got really angry at this one annoying dude (seriously chicken shit growers stuff, its just liquid chicken shit, ITS JUST LIQUID CHICKEN SHIT THATS WHY IT MAKES THINGS GROW THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE) and now comes the hard part I guess.

Calling people and talking to them even more yaaaaaay


Dec. 9th, 2015 09:43 pm
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so the trade show was on for two hours today and it was exhausting like

I get to do that for nine hours tomorrow and nine hours friday

y a y
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I drove five-ish hours to pittsburgh and now I get to spent the next two and a half days talking to people

on a good note this king sized bed is all mine and I get to lay all over it

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It gives me a decent amount of vacation days and a restriction on taking them from April 1st to July 15th. I didn't take any vacation this year from the first until August and I ended up with three weeks of vacation. I took one day in August and one day in September and I'm taking three next week since we get two paid days off for holiday.

So I had 10 days left this year, two weeks vacation. And I looked at the Christmas weeks and could either take three days off before Christmas or four off between Christmas and New Years.

I took both. It's 7 days of vacation time so I get two weeks of work off when we're the least busy anyway. And I'll have 3 days to carry over to next year.


I'm going to play SO many video games
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also my left hip is trying to fuck me up which is so rude

(this is the hip that I got x-rayd when I pulled the outer muscles in both my thighs, and the tech asked if I had ever broken it, I have never broken any bone so that was A Surprise)

I think it's from riding the damn dirtbike, which when I go across ditches I have to stand up on it, plus it ain't that comfy and I was on it for about 5 hours so in conclusion ouch
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There's nothing quite like someone else getting credit for a project I spearheaded.

But my boss pointed back to me so that's something.

Dirt Bike

Nov. 2nd, 2015 05:35 pm
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Sometimes work is weird and I spend the whole day riding a dirt bike around.


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