Work trip

Jul. 24th, 2016 07:08 am
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maybe I'll get some writing done? I've found airports are weirdly good for writing in. I once wrote a whole fic in an airport once. It was only 1000 words or something but it was good.

I'm going to take my writing notebook and possibly a crochet project with me

gotta be prepared
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why are my feets so cold seriously I've got two blankets on them and they're tucked up against my legs but they just dont' stay warm


I'll just blame the hotel right?
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the roads are stacked on top of each other when you get into atlantic city so the gps is very unhelpful especially with the fucking tunnel and the signage is not good so I ended up driving into the wrong hotel's parking garage. there was signs leading from there to my hotel so idek it's probably common

then the parking garage is pretty shitty and it doesn't have any signs pointing to what direction the hotel is

and it leads to the casino, even when you attempt to not go into the casino

finding the front desk was a nightmare and the desk guy seemed surprised when I asked how he was

and the very worst thing is that they charge for fricking wifi like that is some bullshit

I've got my work mifi but still. 13 bucks for 24 hours is some huge ass bullshit


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