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we finally have thank god

internet guy was delayed because his truck broke down and got here like a half hour ago, which I felt bad about

but he got here and got it put together in a half hour and now I have internet again
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 We finally fully moved in! The old apartment is cleaned! We don't have Internet until tuesday! We now have a dishwasher! The couch is still in the middle of the living room facing the wrong direction but frankly right now we don't give a flying fuck. 

I'd try and post photos but I have no clue how to make it work on mobile so you'll all just have to wait until tuesday.
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I got up, went to the barn for chores. Because it was 20 (with windchill of gross) we put the horses in the indoor arena to run while we cleaned stalls and did water. I also had to haul water out to the drafts which is always super duper fun, especially when the caps freeze to the jugs and I can't get them off.

Then I came home and packed and packed and packed and here's a great photo of the stack of things that are going over to the house at some point, probably monday.

This is the kitchen, some of Jade's stuff and some of mine. We still need to clean the closet out, I need to pack my room and some things in the living room and we'll be good. We were gonna move it all over to the house this weekend but its gonna be monday that we do it because tomorrow is supposed to be 21 with wind chill values down to -5.

So. We're waiting until monday probably.

And then we went out for burgers!

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eat dinner and pack things up for this weekend
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Finally a date set for moving.

The carpet people who are going to replace all the carpets will be in on the 23rd. I'm expecting to have 95% of my stuff moved over to the house by then.

I'm just so fucking excited about this move. An actual house where we can have pets. And we have our own drive way. with no neighbors that walk down the hallway and stairs loudly at all hours of the day.

The bedrooms are fucking huge, like larger than the apartment living room. There's plenty of windows and light in all the rooms.

There's some work to do in the yard and we've got some old furniture that needs some paint or refurnishing but projects are great.

I'll have a garden. And a yard. I'm so fucking excited like. This is super great.


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