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It doesn't necessarily end up being a place that I use a lot. The communities here aren't very active and I tend to get all of my social media stuff spread across twitter tumblr and instagram. between those three, linking to each other and having some separate circles in each, I think I've figured out how much social media I want to use.
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I have plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans

the one thing I never get tired of is boston creme pie. I love it. I looooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee it

if I would make a ridiculous collage of pictures and hearts about anything, it would probably be about boston creme pie

normally jade and I can eat a whole one in a couple of days and its delicious and amazing. but I like to bake for the sunday morning poop crew/shelter group.

so clearly the answer is to make two

tomorrow: baking day

I did it

Jul. 30th, 2016 10:21 pm
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I finished the episode and stayed up a full hour past my normal sleep time

I'm so proud of myself
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and I'm not sure I'm succeeding

I mean. I slept in this morning, I woke up at 6:30 and I didn't even get out of bed until 7.

I just need to finish this episode. like there's only 15 minutes left I can stay awake for 15 more minutes
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so now I'm watching something about natural parks which is pretty cool

to be fair, tv is more of a background noise that I can occasionally pay attention to so this is pretty great because now I get to look and see bears and flowers and trees and cool views
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Normally right now, I'm so busy at work, walking fields and getting shit done that I feel like I'm active and busy and feel relatively good. Working out and walking both usually give me that worked-hard feeling that is sore muscles and accomplishment.

Which has not happened this year. With the weather messing everything up, I'm walking maybe half the fields I normally would and I'm working a lot less hours. Which is awesome, I like that. But I haven't worked out in a while and the field walking I've been doing has just been alright.

So I did a little workout when I got home from work and ugh ugh ugh it was like twenty minutes and I was tired and sore and breathing hard. I feel good now, worked muscles and I'm hungry.

I guess that means I need to workout more, maybe start running again.
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and its on my ankle which is one of the most unhelpful places to be stung. It would have been worse if it was my foot but I've got fields of crops to walk tomorrow and its probably going to be pissy

Its a bit swollen and itchy but overall not bad, just annoying that its swollen and hot. Hopefully it goes down by tomorrow morning before I put on my boots
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This week was the first week of May, which traditionally is when most of the corn is coming up and I start working ridiculous hours. It's the start of a long long summer working lots of hours and saturdays too.

But this week was not like that. It rained. For a week straight. We're supposed get a little bit more tonight but some areas around here have gotten 2-4 inches of rain in the past week. And it's been 60 degrees.

The corn looks like crap. And I got off work at noon today. Which I'm not complaining about, it's just weird. And I'm probably not working tomorrow either.

My garden isn't faring super well. The seeds I planted last weekend haven't done anything because it's terrible weather, especially for the sweet corn. The four cumin plants I transplanted despise cold wet weather and two of them were eaten by something. I put a chicken wire cage around the last two and seeded some more.

The tomatoes and peppers haven't really grown any more and the peppers honestly look kinda yellow and sad from the cold.

That being said, it's supposed to be in the 70s and with very little rain this coming week so I'm hoping that everything recovers. Including the sad yellow corn out in the fields.
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if I shower tonight, I get to sleep an extra fifteen minutes in the morning

if I shower in the morning, I can be lazy and go right to sleep as soon as I get to my room

the answer is fuck my future self I want to sleep now


Mar. 5th, 2016 06:49 pm
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today I went to safeway which is kinda like a wegmans for you northern folks and I found:

dark chocolate milk that came in a glass bottle

turkey hill extra dark chocolate ice cream (if u don't have turkey hill ice cream where you are, you are missing out friend)

and gluten free chocolate donuts

so I'm set and fucking thrilled at all this chocolate, which I deserve because I was at the barn all day (got home at 4) and then started working on the yard and actually got a bunch done! I'll take pictures tomorrow
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we finally have thank god

internet guy was delayed because his truck broke down and got here like a half hour ago, which I felt bad about

but he got here and got it put together in a half hour and now I have internet again
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 We finally fully moved in! The old apartment is cleaned! We don't have Internet until tuesday! We now have a dishwasher! The couch is still in the middle of the living room facing the wrong direction but frankly right now we don't give a flying fuck. 

I'd try and post photos but I have no clue how to make it work on mobile so you'll all just have to wait until tuesday.
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I got up, went to the barn for chores. Because it was 20 (with windchill of gross) we put the horses in the indoor arena to run while we cleaned stalls and did water. I also had to haul water out to the drafts which is always super duper fun, especially when the caps freeze to the jugs and I can't get them off.

Then I came home and packed and packed and packed and here's a great photo of the stack of things that are going over to the house at some point, probably monday.

This is the kitchen, some of Jade's stuff and some of mine. We still need to clean the closet out, I need to pack my room and some things in the living room and we'll be good. We were gonna move it all over to the house this weekend but its gonna be monday that we do it because tomorrow is supposed to be 21 with wind chill values down to -5.

So. We're waiting until monday probably.

And then we went out for burgers!

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eat dinner and pack things up for this weekend
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why are my feets so cold seriously I've got two blankets on them and they're tucked up against my legs but they just dont' stay warm


I'll just blame the hotel right?
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The new job stuff can be very stressful and as part of the new job stuff, I'm traveling with partner company to trade shows/conferences. At the trade shows we raise awareness of products, get leads, attempt to sell, etc. And they are exhausting. I got to state college the night before. I was getting over a minor cold but the drive wasn't bad.

The first day of the show was a half day because it started at 12 noon but it ran until 7 so it was just late. Then we had a full day, 7 until 6:30 then dinner out and today which was 7 until 4.

Talking to people is exhausting and trying to smile and appear like I enjoy talking to people is exhausting and keeping up with rapid conversations is exhausting and I just got home from a four hour drive in the dark on half unfamiliar roads.

I am tired but I get to sleep in as much as I want and I'm so excited

of course, I have another one next week in atlantic city so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Finally a date set for moving.

The carpet people who are going to replace all the carpets will be in on the 23rd. I'm expecting to have 95% of my stuff moved over to the house by then.

I'm just so fucking excited about this move. An actual house where we can have pets. And we have our own drive way. with no neighbors that walk down the hallway and stairs loudly at all hours of the day.

The bedrooms are fucking huge, like larger than the apartment living room. There's plenty of windows and light in all the rooms.

There's some work to do in the yard and we've got some old furniture that needs some paint or refurnishing but projects are great.

I'll have a garden. And a yard. I'm so fucking excited like. This is super great.
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I'm friends with someone on facebook that I was pretty close with in high school when I was really involved with horses and horse judging. At this point we're just facebook friends and I honestly wonder what the fuck is going on

her life is a literal soap opera

and she goes around making posts that boil down to "I'm awesome, you all suck, fight me", complaining about people and their attitudes and then complains about drama that she probably caused and acting like she didn't start the whole thing

I don't understand. Like why
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I'm so tired of listening to the neighbors thundering up and down the stairs and up and down the hallway and talking all the time

and later at night too when I need to sleep and they're still running around.

It wasn't this bad when we moved in, but like six months after we moved in, someone moved in upstairs and ever since, they've been making a racket

less than two months until we're into the house
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I was playing minecraft and started falling asleep so I figured I'd try and take a nap. But I started dreaming almost immediately, to the point where I opened my eyes and was confused as to where the horses went that were in my dream. Then I guess my brain thought I'd been asleep for hours because I dreamed that I needed to be awake for work and was super duper late and woke myself up. I slept less than five minutes and I don't even have work tomorrow, or anything that I need to be awake at a certain time for

brains seriously what the fuck are they up to
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