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It doesn't necessarily end up being a place that I use a lot. The communities here aren't very active and I tend to get all of my social media stuff spread across twitter tumblr and instagram. between those three, linking to each other and having some separate circles in each, I think I've figured out how much social media I want to use.
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we finally have thank god

internet guy was delayed because his truck broke down and got here like a half hour ago, which I felt bad about

but he got here and got it put together in a half hour and now I have internet again
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they plug into my computerr via usb plug asn theyre warm snd mske my hands so fucking warm

but they make it hadrd to type

becuae mittens
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I am testing a thing
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plus I want to reblog star wars things OKAYinterwebs
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but only kinda sorta.

idek I like dreamwidth but its hard to find people to chat with and I've always been more of a lurker. I think if I do go back on tumblr I'm going to 1. cross post to here and 2. curate my blacklist so I hide so many things 3. fin more fun blogs because my online time is relaxing and even on dumb websites it should still be so

idek I'll think about it
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and Jade told me I should go look and there are some real doozies

And the post that got me there in the first place:

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tumblr is exhausting and I think I'm finally done with it


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