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Coming to you with another garden update! It's been two weeks since I posted the last one (yes I checked) and holy shit has the garden exploded since then. I think the weather has been hot and humid interspersed with cooler days with rain so its been giving the plants both hot weather but enough cool that they're not dying.

The last month has been busier with work but I think I've found what works for me by building the irrigation system and using it on a frequent basis. I probably should water a little less actually but things aren't drowning so its all good. Overall I've been keeping up well with the garden since I mulched almost all of the garden and I have the irrigation system, even when work was busy and I didn't really get out into the garden except on the weekend.

I've started picking things which is SUPER DUPER EXCITING. I've gotten three zucchini off the same plant which ended up being around nine cups of puree and I'm making more zucchini muffins tonight and I'll freeze the extras. I pulled the first cucumber last night and I'll get two more tomorrow. The cilantro yielded a whole bunch that I froze and I'm letting the rest go to seed for coriander. The corn is in tassel now and I should have ears in two weeks or so. The tomatoes have finally started ripening!

The basil has taken off but I want to make a whole lot of pesto so I planted some more, some in the garden and some in pots. I think I've finally figured out that the rosemary is drowning and I need to find some rocks for better drainage in their pots. And probably plant more. I'm not sure where I'm going to get rocks because the area has basically no rocks which is still bizarre.

Today I ordered the plants for the fall garden, things that will go in when the plants there start dying and things cool down. I've got peas, carrots, cauliflower, emmer wheat, celery and winter rye. The rye is going to be a cover crop, something that both organic farmers everywhere and conventional farmers on the delmarva do. The emmer wheat is going to be an experiment. Its an older grain, with a different structure, so I might be able to eat it. If not it'll just get used as a cover crop and just as something to grow over winter.

I've also got an instagram where I post a lot of these pictures and some others: @soreshorescout

So pictures below the cut.

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things have been going SUPER DUPER WELL. I've been keeping up with it pretty easily, doing the longer, more complicated things on the days when I get home from work early (rainy days) and weekends. So then during the week, I only need to water and do a little weeding at a time. These got a lot easier last weekend when I built a mini irrigation system that I can turn on and leave run for an hour and I got straw from my dad so I mulched some of the garden.

I've got a ton, a ton of cherry tomatoes coming on, they're green but should ripen soon. I've got a few hot peppers coming along, some zucchini. The bell peppers seem to be having a few issues, whether that's related to the incredibly random weather we've been having lately or just a variety thing, I don't know. I planted more zucchini on sunday and they're just emerging because lbr you can't have enough zucchini. (note: this is a lie). The lima beans are in between the corn and I was planning to have them trellis on the corn but they're too young and the lima beans would pull them over. I have so much cilantro oh my god I didn't mean for that to happen. I planted them in the middle of the three weeks of rain we had in april and may, expecting only a few to survive like everything else I planted then and they were the only thing that liked it and they ALL came up. So if anyone wants cilantro, I will give it to you. Cucumbers are flowering now so I should have fruit soon

To do this weekend, I need to finish weeding the area that isn't mulched, mulch some of it (the herbs are too small and might get covered by the straw if I'm not careful), weed and mulch the flower beds, put up the posts and string the squash net for the jack be littles.

I just put up a simple twine trellis for the lima beans which I exchanged strawberries for. Pictures below

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So I've got this garden right? 

Well, not really yet.

We moved into the house at the end of February. When we moved in, the garden and yard was a pretty big mess. There were so many leaves, all over the yard, weeds like crazy and the garden plot (a L shaped area that used to be a garden) had been neglected for long enough that there were literal trees growing in it.

I don't know if the pictures will come along when it cross posts to tumblr but there are before and current-ish pictures here



So I did a lot! And it's spring and we should be frost free! Which is exciting! A month or so ago, I got my early seeds started and now I've got six enormous cherry tomato plants along a who bunch of other things. The parsley got planted. Things are being transplanted and planted in two days. 

But now I'm thinking about neeeeext year. Already. I want to get around for next year when I haven't even been through one season of gardening here in maryland, and I haven't had a garden since I was in high school. Especially since I haven't tried gardening and keeping something alive with my work schedule, whiiiich is so many. On that note, I won't be around as much since it's summer! I work a lot of hours! In fact I'm working tomorrow, saturday. So I'm doing probably 50 or 55 hours a week right now and its only going to increase.

So I guess this is a waiting game for me, about me. To see if I can plant and maintain a garden while working so much and such a physical job.

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I did more garden planning this morning and realized that I'm getting very close to planting time. So I laid out when I was going to plant things, one planting tomorrow (parsley), then a planting in a week or so, after the risk of frosts. That one will be transplanting my cherry tomatoes, which are 8 inches tall already like jfc calm down, thyme, oregano, potting the spearmint and rosemary, and direct planting the zucchini. The spearmint and rosemary are going to live in pots on the back porch for the summer, because spearmint and mints in general will take over a garden via rooting if not contained, and the rosemary has to come inside for the winter or it will die.

The second big planting will be the week after when I'm going to put in cucumber, sweet corn, basil and almost all of the flowers.

The final big planting, a week after that maybe first week of may is going to be transplanting the hot peppers, bell peppers and cumin. Direct planting the melons, cilantro and the pumpkin gourds. At some point after, I'll get the bulbs in the ground and the pie squash at some point since I don't want those to mature until at least August, probably September.

So I ran to the garden store, picked up pots for the mint and rosemary, t posts and netting for the plants that needs trellises and chickenwire so I can hopefully create little cages that the plants can live in for a little while. There's a lot of birds and squirrels in the back yard so I want to keep them away AND keep myself from hoeing over them when I'm weeding. I'll see how it goes.

They always say never count your chickens before they hatch but next year I want to do some kind of beans that I can dry, maybe potatoes or carrots???? idek. Mom is going to send my some raspberries at some point and I was at tractor supply today and they had all kinds of plants for sale including a fig tree!!! which actually grow around here natively!! which is cool!!!! so maybe a fig tree in the future, and also maybe some gooseberries or something along those lines.

Excitement! Gardening! I think it'll be fun!
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Garden projects! Or Picking Up The Materials For The Garden Project Because It's Supposed To Rain/Snow On Saturday Like What The Heck April

The first thing is mulch, which I'm going to use in the front yard and two of the beds in the back. One of the beds will only be partially covered I think but who knows? I've never done much with mulch so I shall see.

I also need to pick up some kind of material for a trellis for my tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. There's so many cool mystery plants in the backyard right now.


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