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and it was great. I love scrubbing things and making them clean. I also like cleaning horse poop because its quiet and no one bothers you.

Its now much cleaner! There was another one that I scrubbed but it was getting dark and I needed to get the horses in by the time I finished that one. The indoor buckets got scrubbed on the one side of the barn and I'm going to scrub the rest tomorrow morning.

Good stuff

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I love working at the horse barn but damn can it be stressful

like they had a "horse show" and open house today where the riders rode for like ten minutes but we had 13 riders and 6 horses and we did 5 groups.

it was just really chaotic and there was a lot lot of people and I had to be a floater and basically make sure no one died

no one died!! but now I want to lay on the couch for a little while
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I volunteer at a therapeutic riding barn, I only started september of 2014. After about two months I was hired as barn assistant because I've got 9 years of horse experience and I owned my own horse. When I started, there was a girl there, who was 14, who also had been hired to be a barn helper. She had 2-3 years of horse experience, which was ok.

this got long and ranty so its under a cut

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I expect this to be a common occurrence in the next five months or so.

Barn assistant duty is pretty much just cleaning horse shit and feeding horses. They're sweet though. It's kind of neat how each horse is a little different in personality. Or a lot different. We've got one horse who likes to chew on halters and lead ropes. He doesn't bite people and he's calm as anything, but he just likes to hold them in his mouth.

But there's only six horses and they're all pretty great. I volunteer on Saturdays at the barn but taking care of the horses is what I love.


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