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I do this pretty much every summer when work gets busy: I realize that I'm eating a ton of granola bars and not much else.

The issue is this: in the summer I work (live) out of my work truck. I'm very rarely in the office, my day is completely random I might end up in New Jersey I might be in the Southern Eastern Shore I could spend the whole day walking fields within 30 mins of the house it is a goddamn m y s t e r y, I am physically active for at least 4-5 hours a day, sometimes walking up to 10-12 miles a day. Average is 7

So what I need is food that doesn't need to be microwaved, doesn't need (long term) refrigeration, it's easy to eat in five minutes or less or while driving, and has some actual nutritional value or energy or something (protein or even fruit/veggies). It also needs to be wheat-free because I can't eat that. I'm also trying to cut down on how much chocolate I eat because I've been eating a lot of that lately and my anxiety seems to be doing weird things. I also must emphasize the no microwave or refrigeration and generally the temp in my truck gets high in the summer when it's not running (when I'm in a field). And don't tell me to leave my windows open because generally it doesn't help and if you've ever been to a poultry farm and left your windows open, FLIES SO MANY FLIES

So right now breakfast is a frozen waffle with peanut butter and banana. Sometimes it's just a banana. Then I usually eat two granola bars, a chocolate chip muffin, a cheese sandwich for lunch with chips, and granola bar after lunch. I usually work some carrots and cucumbers in there most days.

I'm hoping you guys can help me with a few ideas? I just need as many ideas as possible so I can pick and choose things I like and try to keep up energy levels

My brainstorming so far has come up with: apple muffins, more carrots and cucumbers, trail mix (not too much though because it gives me heartburn), cashews

I should be able to freeze baked things and bring them out later too so I'll be digging around for some recipes of things. But good portable snacks that are tasty and not chocolate would be nice. This includes tumblr people too, once it crossposts!


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