Jun. 24th, 2016

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things have been going SUPER DUPER WELL. I've been keeping up with it pretty easily, doing the longer, more complicated things on the days when I get home from work early (rainy days) and weekends. So then during the week, I only need to water and do a little weeding at a time. These got a lot easier last weekend when I built a mini irrigation system that I can turn on and leave run for an hour and I got straw from my dad so I mulched some of the garden.

I've got a ton, a ton of cherry tomatoes coming on, they're green but should ripen soon. I've got a few hot peppers coming along, some zucchini. The bell peppers seem to be having a few issues, whether that's related to the incredibly random weather we've been having lately or just a variety thing, I don't know. I planted more zucchini on sunday and they're just emerging because lbr you can't have enough zucchini. (note: this is a lie). The lima beans are in between the corn and I was planning to have them trellis on the corn but they're too young and the lima beans would pull them over. I have so much cilantro oh my god I didn't mean for that to happen. I planted them in the middle of the three weeks of rain we had in april and may, expecting only a few to survive like everything else I planted then and they were the only thing that liked it and they ALL came up. So if anyone wants cilantro, I will give it to you. Cucumbers are flowering now so I should have fruit soon

To do this weekend, I need to finish weeding the area that isn't mulched, mulch some of it (the herbs are too small and might get covered by the straw if I'm not careful), weed and mulch the flower beds, put up the posts and string the squash net for the jack be littles.

I just put up a simple twine trellis for the lima beans which I exchanged strawberries for. Pictures below


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