Apr. 15th, 2016

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So I've got this garden right? 

Well, not really yet.

We moved into the house at the end of February. When we moved in, the garden and yard was a pretty big mess. There were so many leaves, all over the yard, weeds like crazy and the garden plot (a L shaped area that used to be a garden) had been neglected for long enough that there were literal trees growing in it.

I don't know if the pictures will come along when it cross posts to tumblr but there are before and current-ish pictures here



So I did a lot! And it's spring and we should be frost free! Which is exciting! A month or so ago, I got my early seeds started and now I've got six enormous cherry tomato plants along a who bunch of other things. The parsley got planted. Things are being transplanted and planted in two days. 

But now I'm thinking about neeeeext year. Already. I want to get around for next year when I haven't even been through one season of gardening here in maryland, and I haven't had a garden since I was in high school. Especially since I haven't tried gardening and keeping something alive with my work schedule, whiiiich is so many. On that note, I won't be around as much since it's summer! I work a lot of hours! In fact I'm working tomorrow, saturday. So I'm doing probably 50 or 55 hours a week right now and its only going to increase.

So I guess this is a waiting game for me, about me. To see if I can plant and maintain a garden while working so much and such a physical job.


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