Apr. 9th, 2016

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I did more garden planning this morning and realized that I'm getting very close to planting time. So I laid out when I was going to plant things, one planting tomorrow (parsley), then a planting in a week or so, after the risk of frosts. That one will be transplanting my cherry tomatoes, which are 8 inches tall already like jfc calm down, thyme, oregano, potting the spearmint and rosemary, and direct planting the zucchini. The spearmint and rosemary are going to live in pots on the back porch for the summer, because spearmint and mints in general will take over a garden via rooting if not contained, and the rosemary has to come inside for the winter or it will die.

The second big planting will be the week after when I'm going to put in cucumber, sweet corn, basil and almost all of the flowers.

The final big planting, a week after that maybe first week of may is going to be transplanting the hot peppers, bell peppers and cumin. Direct planting the melons, cilantro and the pumpkin gourds. At some point after, I'll get the bulbs in the ground and the pie squash at some point since I don't want those to mature until at least August, probably September.

So I ran to the garden store, picked up pots for the mint and rosemary, t posts and netting for the plants that needs trellises and chickenwire so I can hopefully create little cages that the plants can live in for a little while. There's a lot of birds and squirrels in the back yard so I want to keep them away AND keep myself from hoeing over them when I'm weeding. I'll see how it goes.

They always say never count your chickens before they hatch but next year I want to do some kind of beans that I can dry, maybe potatoes or carrots???? idek. Mom is going to send my some raspberries at some point and I was at tractor supply today and they had all kinds of plants for sale including a fig tree!!! which actually grow around here natively!! which is cool!!!! so maybe a fig tree in the future, and also maybe some gooseberries or something along those lines.

Excitement! Gardening! I think it'll be fun!


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